Our models

Our new sale and repurchase system

We sell motorhomes in Thailand. And we are unique, not just in Thailand but possibly worldwide, in that we agree to buy back our motorhomes at a set rate of depreciation.

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Freedom housing

We are all fascinated by freedom, and freedom is the most valuable good in a man’s life.

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Why most motorhomes are built stupid

They are built stupid because they are based on the wrong concept.

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Wigwam motorhome

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Motorhome space

Space is a limited commodity with a motorhome. If you ever visited a conventional factory to see work on an ordered unit progress, you will find it really spacious before they put fittings inside. And then, when you pick it up fully furnished, the space is gone.

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The worth of wealth

We are all familiar with country rankings by gross domestic product, or gross domestic product per person, and even gross domestic product per person rankings that are sorted by purchasing power parity.

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Portable toilet

The unit comes with a portable toilet and a shower tent that can be set up in 15 seconds.

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You can also contact us through Line Messenger, which is the most common such application in Thailand.

Our Line ID is: 88116633

Replies will be faster, and communication swift, using Line instead of email.